Hungary has been engaged in assisting blind and partially sighted people with the training of guide dogs since the 1970s. To date, there is very few data on how many of the successfully trained dogs actually go to a person who needs their help in everyday life. In 2008, for 20,000 people with visual impairments there has been only 120 guide dogs available. Unfortunately, as only three such organizations are operating in our country only 25-30 dogs are trained annually. This means that it takes up to 1-2 years until a blind or partially sighted person gets help. All this is because the training of guide dogs for a lifelong service is a very long and money-consuming process. The value of dogs is essential because they change and ease the lives of people. Ever since we were lucky enough to get to know the Association of Hungarian Blind and Visually Impaired and we personally saw the Foundation's Dog School in Csepel, it was clear that we want to be part of this organization and help to reach a common goal. The goal is clearly to ensure that every blind person has a helper dog by his side. We launched the LOYALTY program, which will be a long-term process accompanying the life of the Dorko brand. In order to reach our goal, you can help us as well, as 100% of the profit coming from the "LOYALTY" and "LOYALTY IS ROYALTY" caps and shirts will be given to the Association of Hungarian Blind and Visually Impaired to fund the full training of a loyal guide dog. In addition, you can also contribute to the collecting, by purchasing a Dorko Club Card, since this year we offer 10% of the purchased card value to the foundation as well. We will track the puppys’ training until they go to their new owner. Help us to ensure that someone who is in real need of help gets a trained helper dog by his side! Do something good today by ordering here or buying the Loyalty is Royalty caps and t-shirts in the DRK or Playersroom stores, or by purchasing a club card from loyaltyisroyalty.hu, or in any of the DRK stores! We can change a person's life together! Loyalty is royalty. For more info: www.loyaltyisroyalty.hu