Balázs Bercsényi

Balázs Bercsényi was born and raised in Pécs, Hungary but he learned the art of tattooing from his friend in London - this is how this whole “tattoo journey” has begun. According to his words, it is a great honor that his work of art stays with his clients for a lifetime. After London and Budapest, he recently moved to New York City, to progress his career in a world-famous tattoo salon. His masterpieces could show up in any part of the world, which can be recognized after his photorealistic, detailed and aesthetic style.

We find it a great honor that Balázs, despite his flourishing international career, chose to cooperate with a Hungarian brand. After his popular DRK Signature T-shirt collection, we proudly introduce the very first sneaker designed by Bercsényi, the Plush. Due to the expectations the shape, the material and the style of the Plush is differ to any other sneaker. The limited edition Plush can be found from 09.23.2016 in the following stores:

DRK Flagship Store Andrássy avenue, DRK Pólus Center, DRK Sopron, Playersroom Váci street, Playersroom Westend, Playersoom Ferihegy - BUD Airport.