Respect The Shooter

“Photography is a form of art, that – even at an amateur level- everybody pursues and loves.” The Dorko collection of Respect the Shooters meant to be a tribute elevated to all the photographers and to the Hungarian photographer society. The Hungarian artists considered to belong to the top level of around the world, that is why we felt it’s time to introduce our favorite photographers and dedicate them a whole new collection. Bertalan Soós is the first artist whose pictures appear on the Respect the Shooters T-shirts.

Bertalan Soós, who’s living and working in Budapest currently, have always had a passion for photographs, even when he was a child. Since the digital cameras have spread, shooting became a real passion for him. He has his camera ready for action, wherever he goes in the city. The everyday life of the city, the special lights and the special spirit of the people draw his attention as a photographer.

The Respect the Shooter T-shirts and snapbacks can be purchased here in our webshop or in any of the DRK stores.

Check out more of Bertalan Soós’s photos and work on his official Facebook page!