Nóra Soós

Here at Dorko we strive to support and promote arts as well as to display the works of Hungarian artists. This time we had the honor to work with a Hungarian painter who is though still young, won several renowned awards such as Glatz Oszkár, Hermann Lipót, Strabag and Prima Primissima Junior award. Her name is Nóra Soós.

Nóra was born and raised in Szombathely, Hungary but she lives and paints in Budapest for 20 years now. She constantly exhibits in Hungary but she had many exhibitions in Western Europe and the US as well, not to mention that you can find her works on most of the noted art fairs and markets. Due to her unique style and the message behind them, her works take the spectators’ attention straight away therefore it’s no wonder she became one of the most widely known painter of her generation.

On her paintings she combines everyday topics and objects with up-to-date political, social and sociological problems to create her own story. The bubble blowing characters seen on her Dorko collection, became her typical motive over the past years. Even though the situation seems joyful there is always a deeper and more complex message behind it.

„Since I believe fashion is a very expressive tool, I was glad when Dorko asked me to cooperate with them. Most of the times our outfit tells a lot about us and our attitude. It’s the same with our T-shirts so why not give it a meaningful message? The metaphor of the bubble blower reminds us to the feeling of everything is lightweight and imponderable that has been evolved during globalization. So the train of thought of being unbearably lightweight.”

The limited edition T-shirt collection by Nóra Soós can be found here on the webshop and the DRK stores.

Learn more about Nóra and her art on her official webpage by clicking here.

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