Dorko - Designed by Hungarian artists.

Dorko is a Hungarian fashion brand, founded in 2013 with the aim to connect art with fashion and the artists with ordinary people. We want to create things which are unique, eye-catching and interesting.

The basis of our brand comes from the vision to help the local young artists to get into the spotlight and to support their art, imagination and development. Among others, we collaborate with sculptors, fashion designers, street artists, musicians, architects and tattoo artists and we still look for the best young talents to work together.

Our footwear, clothing and cap collection are designed by different artists so our customers can wear fashionable and unique products which are desgined by local artists.

We are not afraid of culture and political messaging or sarcasm, we want our clothing to became a canvas to spread art and message to the people. As well we support special organizations and movements because we care of our city, our country, our world and our problems.

We opened our first BrandStore in Budapest, Hungary this year at one of the most popular shopping malls of Budapest (Mammut Shopping Mall) but our products are also available across the country at the Playersroom fashion and sport store chain.